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The ComfortSlings® Story

Elizabeth Silver, Founder ComfortSlingsAllow me to introduce myself:  I am Elizabeth Silver and I am a breast cancer survivor.

While facing the daunting prospect of radiation treatment following my lumpectomy, I determined to create a soft pad to soothe and protect the underside of my breast from excessive perspiration and from undue skin-to-skin rubbing, both of which exacerbate inflammation.  I devised a sling to wear around my neck with a cushion to tuck under my breast.

I began wearing the sling following my first treatment, before any side effects had begun to occur. My routine was to remove my bra as soon as I came home and to wear the sling at every possible moment, even while sleeping. The result was surprisingly effective. By the end of my radiation therapy, I was neither raw nor sore. My radiologist and my oncologist were amazed, suggesting that I develop the slings so that more women could benefit from their protection. They described patients having tried various but unsuccessful home solutions to ease their discomfort; their efforts were largely unsuccessful.

Prior to developing the sling, I spent considerable time researching various kinds of fabrics. I wanted one that was soft with wicking and antimicrobial qualities; in addition, the sling had to have straps that are soft yet firm. The slings had to stay in place and yet be loose enough to avoid pressure and constriction across the neck and under the breast. When a prototype was developed, I introduced the slings to several women. Each of them found the sling to be an ideal component for creating comfort during and after radiation treatments.  And then they requested more protection:  they wanted a cushion to wear inside their bras to keep them drier from perspiration during the day and to shield their skin from the abrasive rubbing of their bras. I developed the ComfortSlings® Strapless Cushioned Pad, a welcome companion to the slings.

A number of larger-breasted women who suffer from a variety of irritations beneath their breasts that were unrelated to radiation and breast cancer contacted me for help with their conditions.  They had tried wearing two single slings, one beneath each breast, and they were delighted to find relief from the perspiration, soreness and scarring they had been endured for so many years.  That’s how the ComfortSlings® Double Sling was born.

Having developed ComfortSlings®, we have endeavored to get them to as many women as possible. Many hospitals and radiation treatment centers have purchased the slings outright to distribute them, free of charge, to their patients. The benefit of having had breast cancer is that I have developed a product that has helped thousands of women find both relief and comfort.

[As] a radiation oncology nurse. I am writing this letter in support of Elizabeth Silver’s very unique device, the ComfortSling ……this device is intended to buffer the harmful effects of constriction on radiation damaged skin and allow the area in question to breathe….[to] allow circulatory enhancement, not pressure, …[to give]  the damaged tissues a chance to heal. I have personally promoted this product and seen great success in both the comfort and healing time of my patients. They are able to complete or return to their treatments quicker which reduces the likelihood of disease recurrence. I have seen nothing like it ever on the market.

Juliette Kent, Registered Nurse
Vantage Oncology, Blairsville, Georgia

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