Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine which size sling to order?

The sling size is determined by your shirt size rather than your bra size.  If you wear plus-sized clothing, size 12 or larger, you will be more comfortable with the plus- and extra-plus sized slings and cushions.

What are the size differences?

REGULAR sized cushions = 8-inches in length; 1 1/2-inches in diameter. .PLUS-sized cushions = 9-inches in length; 1 1/2-inches in diameter.  EXTRA PLUS cushions are crescent -shaped 13-inches in length and widening to 4-inches in the center.  The straps on all the slings allow for generous adjustments with the straps on the plus and extra-plus sizes being respectively longer.

Why is there no double sling in the Extra-Plus size?

Women needing the Extra-Plus slings found more comfort and flexibility in wearing two Extra-Plus Single Slings cross-body with a cushion tucked beneath each breast than with a double sling.  Two Single Slings worn in this manner serve exactly the same purpose as one double sling.

Who will benefit from wearing the single slings?

Any large-breasted woman experiencing skin irritation beneath one breast will benefit from wearing the single sling.  Women receiving radiation therapy beneath their breasts will find their soreness greatly relieved by wearing the ComfortSlings® from the onset of treatment, even before they have begun to suffer any skin side effects.  The soft cushion elevates the breast to prevent skin-to-skin contact.  Irritating perspiration dries immediately minimizing the burning effects of the radiation and providing gentle comfort to sore areas.  The single slings also relieve pressure on wounds from recent breast augmentation, breast reduction and lung surgery.

Who will benefit from the double slings?

Many women suffering from irritations unrelated to radiation such as menopausal hot flashes, diabetes, eczema, and dermatitis find excessive moisture beneath their breasts causes problems ranging from red, inflamed and itchy skin rashes to intertrigo, fungal growths, and ulcerous lesions.  Wearing the ComfortSlings® as often as possible will keep the skin beneath their breasts drier and will prevent the abrasion of skin-to-skin contact.

Who will benefit from the strapless bra cushions?

The strapless bra cushions provide additional protection from excessive perspiration and chafing during the day while wearing a bra.  Most women, both large- and small-breasted, who have lesions and chafing beneath their breasts can benefit from wearing the ComfortSlings® strapless cushions inside their bra.

What is the best bra to wear with the ComfortSlings® strapless cushions?

It is recommended that you wear a bra with a band beneath the underwire to keep the strapless bra cushions securely in place.  Women also might find it more comfortable to wear a slightly larger bra size.

Which product should I order?

The ComfortSlings® Single Sling provides cushioned comfort and relief when one has chafing and irritation beneath just one breast, particularly following surgery and during radiation therapy treatment.  Women with inflammation and tenderness beneath both breasts will benefit from wearing the ComfortSlings® Double Sling.  Many women prefer to order the Double Sling even during radiation knowing that they can wear it as protection from perspiration and irritation for many years to come.  Both the Double Sling and the Single Sling can be supplemented with the ComfortSlings® Strapless Cushions for 24-hour protection.

Do the slings offer the same support as a bra?

The slings are not designed to provide support.  They are meant to be worn in situations where the support of a bra is not needed.

Can I wear the sling along with my bra?

This is not recommended.  The straps of the sling will be too bulky to be worn inside a bra.  The ComfortSlings® Strapless are better designed for this purpose.

Will wearing the sling create any pressure on my neck?

The straps are non-binding, non-elastic, and fully adjustable.  They can be made as loose as one needs for maximum comfort.

Will the sling put any pressure on sensitive areas beneath my breast?

The non-elastic and adjustable qualities of the straps enable the wearer to control the amount of pressure on sensitive areas so the breast can rest comfortably on the very soft cushions painlessly.

Can I still wear the slings with applied lotions or ointments beneath my breasts?

Yes, but it is important that your skin be thoroughly dry before wearing the slings.  Apply lotions or gels by reclining on the bed and keeping your arms over your head until the lotions have thoroughly dried.  This usually takes seconds.  Then you can safely put on the sling.  Wet lotions and gels will interfere with the wicking and antimicrobial properties of the fabric.  They can also accumulate on the surface of the cushion giving it a crusty surface which can create general discomfort.

What is the fabric content of the slings and cushions?

The padded cushion is made of very soft fabric, 88% polyester / 12% spandex, with wicking and antimicrobial treatment.  The straps and the cushion fill are 100% polyester.

How are the slings worn?

The ComfortSlings® Single Sling is worn over the shoulder cross-body with the cushion tucked comfortably beneath the breast.  To wear the ComfortSlings® Double Sling, simply put your arms through the openings as if putting on a vest while slipping the cushions beneath your breasts.  The cushions are held in place by the weight of your breasts.

How do you clean / wash the slings and strapless cushions?

We recommend that the slings be washed by hand in cold water and allowed to air dry.

How can I prevent the ComfortSlings® products from absorbing offensive odors?

Adding vinegar to the wash water is a very effective way to diminish or eliminate odors from objects.  It would also be useful to sprinkle the slings and/or strapless cushions with baking soda before each use as a further deterrent.

I am small-breasted, but I still suffer from irritation beneath my breasts.  Will this product benefit me?

We would recommend that you purchase the ComfortSlings® Strapless Cushions for your bra.   They will offer the protection from excessive perspiration and chafing you might suffer when you are wearing a bra.  Smaller breasts might not have sufficient weight to hold the slings in place.

For years I have dreaded the coming of summer due to the inevitable intertrigo I would suffer with beneath my breasts. The itchy, scaly, red and painful rash would last for weeks at a time and usually recur until the weather again became cool. I tried all kind of creams, powders, soaps and even large bandaids (which just left me with huge welts on my sensitive skin) but nothing really worked. I saw these slings and decided to try them. Once I got the infection/rash under control, they have kept me completely rash free. They are soft and comfortable and keep the area from rubbing and/or sweating. I also sleep in the comfort sling at night. These are worth every penny. I  don’t ever want to be without these and recommend them highly to anyone who has had problems with the skin under their breasts.

 A S. / Saint Louis, MO

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